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Renderotica - 3D Adult Erotic Art
Renderotica - 3D Adult Erotic Art



There is two ways to upload an item

Post a Link to your item
If you have an item that you would like to make available to others, upload your file and thumbnail to your personal website, and post the link to them here.
The links must be to free items.
any links found to non-free content will be immediately deleted.

>---> [ Post a link of your free stuff ] <---<


Upload you item and thumbnail from your PC
If you don't have your own website, you can upload the item and thumbnail from your PC
 to 3dhot website.
The file must be a "zip" or "sit" and the thumbnail must be
no larger than 25Kb and 150X150 pixel

 >---> [ Upload your file and your thumbnail from your PC ] <---<

The content being linked to in this Free Stuff gallery has not been tested by 3dhot. Before opening any of these files, observe the usual precautions regarding files obtained from the Internet. We cannot guarantee, and will take no resposiblity for losses and/or damage caused to your computer due to use of any of these Free Stuff items.
3dhot does not host, or test, or in any way sanction or endorse these files/links but is providing this link database as a service to our members.
Troubles Downloading?
If you are having trouble downloading a particular item, please contact the member who submitted the item. Since 3dhot does not host these files, only the member who uploaded the link or the file can assist you in the use or application of the content.